Smarter Inventory for Regulated Labs

LANEXO™ Lab Inventory, Safety and Compliance Management System helps create more efficient, productive and compliant laboratories, to pave the way for more reliable testing, consistent products, and improved scientific discovery.

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85% of labs today still rely on paper or Excel spreadsheets to manually manage their inventory. Digitizing vital processes with the German Design Award Winning LANEXO™ System enables you to optimize your team’s capacity and agility.

  • Manage your facilities from anywhere

    • Don’t let limited onsite resources bring operations to a halt. With LANEXO™ you can prepare experiments, assign reagents, plan task handovers, and more—anytime, anywhere.
  • Integrate with existing workstreams

    • With an intuitive interface and straightforward implementation process, the LANEXO™ System is quick and easy to set up so that labs can immediately start seeing results.
  • Improve cost effectiveness

    • Enhanced shelf-life monitoring means less spoilage and waste of unused or expired materials, a smaller storage footprint, and reduced experimental downtime from stock outages.
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Create Inventory Efficiencies

LANEXO™ System helps to save time spent on repetitive, error-prone operational and administrative tasks in the lab—such as manual inventory control and expiration date monitoring—by up to 97%.

  • Get real-time insights

    • Simple scanning of RFID labels results in rapid, reliable, and reproducible digital data capture, allowing for easy registration and real-time tracking of all your consumable information.
  • See what’s available—everywhere

    • With SigmaAldrich articles in its database, LANEXO™ allows you to track all your reagents, samples, intermediates, and mixtures across all your storage locations.
  • Reduce motion waste

    • Stop wasting your time with tedious tasks like manual inventory counts or root cause analysis. Let LANEXO™ digitize key functions so you can save time for solving more important problems.
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LANEXO™ System drastically reduces compliance and safety risks in the lab by automating the traceability of reagent documentation, storage compliance checks, and access to safety data sheets (SDS).

  • Support compliance & traceability

    • Every consumable in the LANEXO™ System is automatically matched with a time-stamped, secure, and searchable audit trail, documenting its lifecycle from receipt to disposal.
  • Simplify storage safety

    • Handling chemical materials doesn’t have to be frightening—LANEXO™ automatically alerts you of storage incompatibilities, calculates expiration dates, and provides digital SDS access.
  • Reduce your risk for errors

    • Eliminate the drudgery of manual data transcription and increase the speed and accuracy of identity checks along experimental workflows by scanning smart RFID labels.
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"This is a game changer"

- Supplier Partnership and Innovation Manager, CRO​

"It helps to keep track of stock and samples remotely from home."

- Scientist, Pharmaceutical company​

"LANEXO™ System will help remove lots of redundant and error prone admin."

- Principle Scientist, Biopharmaceutical company​

"Impressive. Could be the key thing to remove time and cost waste in the lab."

- Supplier Relationship Manager, Pharmaceutical company​

"I had no idea LANEXO™ System would be this easy to use."

- LC/MS & Reagents Manager, Life science company​

Lab Instrument Connectivity

Real-time Access

Digitized monitoring of inventory reduces inefficient use of time, risk of human errors, and sunken costs associated with unused and expired reagents and over or under-stocking consumables in the lab.

Data Automation Software for Life Science Labs

Achieve data integrity

Accurate documentation of consumables’ lifecycle is critical to compliance adherence in the modern laboratory. The LANEXO™ System facilitates audit-readiness and supports regulatory compliance by instantly matching reagents, including in-house preparations, with a full audit report.

Cloud Computing for Life Science Research

Digital Data Capture

Digital data capture through mobile application provides high-quality consumables data to lab personnel, supporting more accurate and complete inventory management, experimental reporting, as well as safety and compliance management.

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An Upstream Inventory Solution for Your Entire Organization

The potential has never been higher for laboratories to re-think their workflows, re-evaluate their productivity potential, and re-imagine their quality solutions. We embarked on a digital transformation when designing the LANEXO™ System, recognizing that a more efficient, productive, and compliant laboratory can pave the way for more reliable testing, consistent products, and improved scientific discovery.

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