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Inventory Manager for Regulated Labs

The LANEXO® lab inventory manager lets you automatically track the chemicals you have in stock, see where they’re stored, and tell at a glance if they’ve been opened or if they’ve expired.

Comprised of a mobile app and RFID labels, the LANEXO® mobile app captures data from lab consumables with just a few taps on your device and stores the information in a secure cloud. You can access detailed, real-time inventory data – including SDS, owner, opening and expiry dates, location, usage and disposal information – anytime, anywhere.

This way, LANEXO® application not only simplifes your stock management across multiple sites, but it also ensures full regulatory compliance, such as with FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11. It’s time to say goodbye to Excel, pen and paper. Discover the fast track to an audit-ready lab.


Watch our video for a quick overview of the LANEXO inventory manager and learn how it can boost your lab's efficiency.

More Efficient Inventory Management

Compliant and Audit Ready

Greater Safety with Lower Operational Risk

Intuitive and Easy to Implement

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