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Date                              Version


20-MAR-2023                             R_2023-100
                                                              vINV_2.2.0 Replaces vCON
                                                              iOS Mobile App New

  • iOS Mobile App
  • View articles and items in an aggregated view, extended filter functionality Consumables have been renamed to Inventory
  • Barcode label printing from the web application for consumables and locations (to use for registered and new consumables + locations)
  • Users are now able to configure their login authentication option by logging in via access cards or email and password only or combination of both
  •  Approval module is being introduced including a global LANEXO policy (UI only), users can view and work on pending approvals.
  • Various minor improvements: Enable file deletion, allow users to set up a default value setting for life span, allow exact search in inventory, adding of additional article data fields, auto-update option for new versions 
  • Bug fixes in Administration, Audit Trail, Basket, Inventory (former Consumables), Integration, Location, System Settings, and User Profile modules

27-JAN-2023                               HOT_2023-050

  • Hot fix for the Mobile Application

17-DEC-2022                               R_2022-400

  • Bi-directional integration to read and write to LANEXO via open end APIs.
  • Register consumables and locations using barcode labels. 
  • Scan barcode to view registered data, relocate, use in Experiments & perform inventory count.
  • Basket with improved filtering, sorting and connectivity to SigmaAldrich eShop.
  • Bug fixes in Administration, Consumables and Location modules.

22-OCT-2022                                R_2022-300
                                                                vINT_2.0.0 new

  • New integration module to access LANEXO data via open end APIs (read-only).
  • Bulk scanning of consumables in Inventory Count via UHF gun.
  • New user role to register consumables only.
  • Bug fixes in Administration, Consumables and Location.

27-AUG-2022                                R_2022-200

  • Article batch upload feature in the Consumables module and its data management in the Administration module.
  • Bug fixes in Audit Trail, Dashboard and Experiment modules.

22-JUN-2022                                R_2022-100

  • Back-up feature release in the Administration module.
  • Bug fixes in Audit Trail, Consumables and Experiment module.

28-MAR-2022                              V2.0.0

  • LANEXO™ 2.0 Mobile App and Web App

03-JUL-2021                                 V1.2.2

  • Bug fix released.

08-MAY-2021                               V1.2.1

  • Bug fix released.

01-MAY-2021                               V1.2.0

  • Launch of LANEXO™ Mobile App and Web App.

21-DEC-2020                               V1.1.1

  • Bug fix released.

11-DEC-2020                               V1.1.0

  • Bug fix released.

21-OCT-2020                               V1.0.2

  • Bug fix released.