SLAS 2022 International Conference and Exhibition to Boston for the first time – in person - with a fresh program highlighting life sciences discovery and research and innovations in laboratory technology.

Conference Link

Conference Link

SmartLab Exchange – USA

SmartLab Exchange – USA is North America’s premier invitation-only meeting for senior R&D, QA and QC decision makers from multiple industries. Dr Peter Maier, Head of Lab Informatics Sales, will offer the plenary presentation on “Seamless Lab Instrument Integration into Leading Systems: A Holistic Approach Based on Open Standards.” Dr. Maier will show how the SiLA communication standard and the AnIML data standard enable seamless integration of lab instruments with leading lab informatics systems (LIMS, ELN), helping you overcome your data integrity and compliance problems while increasing your lab productivity. Conference Link

Paperless Lab Academy 2022

Lago Maggiore
PLA sets the stage for discussions on strategies for and implementation of 21st-century technologies in the lab. Dr. Arne Kusserow, PM, Converters, and Emely Haverich, Lab Informatics Sales Specialist, will show you how to achieve data normalization, harmonization and archiving, as well as how to collect data from every source, independent of instrument type or vendor. Conference Link

WAS Virtual Conference – Spring 2022

For the fourth time, the Wiley Analytical Science Virtual Conference will bring together researchers and practitioners to share current developments in science and industry. Our webinar will explain how LANEXO® System can help customers escape their cumbersome current data systems, meet today’s challenges, and free their scientists and researchers to focus on science. Conference Link

Smart Lab Digital

Smart Lab Digital - Increasing product speed, agility and scale in the lab! Learn how to create data-rich environments, enabling selection of high-quality leads, accelerating cycle times and reducing manual tasks freeing up FTEs to focus on science. Conference Link

SmartLab Exchange – Europe

SmartLab Exchange – Europe is the EU’s premier invitation-only meeting for R&D/R&D IT, Manufacturing and QA/QC experts. In our talk, we will discuss making FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, re-useable) data a reality for a more efficient lab ecosystem. Conference Link


The 22nd LABORAMA will include a full in-person trade show plus a two-day congress of speakers. All sectors associated with the laboratory will be well represented. Join us for our talk about how to unlock your lab’s full potential with a digital key [Booth B7 – 19-May-22, 11.15 CEST] Conference Link

Future Labs Live Europe

Held over two days, with 250+ global experts and 1500+ attendees, Future Labs provides comprehensive and interactive coverage of key laboratory issues and technologies. At this year's show we are a Platinum Sponsor of The Laboratory of the Future, a special forum on the reconsideration of various processes and structures in the context of ever-greater digitalization. We and colleagues from other companies will demonstrate typical lab analysis processes using innovative products and software. Conference Link


For 50 years, analytica has supported the development of chemical analysis and bioanalytics—and brought device manufacturers, lab analysts, scientists and users together. We will be participating in the special “Digital Transformation / Laboratory 4.0” show. Meet us here:
  • Hall A1 (Analysis and Quality Control) – Booth 205
  • Hall B2 (Laboratory Technology) – Booth 519
Conference Link